About Magnpower


Company Profile

        With the  vigorous growing smart industry, the request for various BLDC motors in vehicle and home appliance industry are constantly increasing, following with growth of ferrite permanent magnets used in BLDC motors. MagnPower was established by Himag Magnetic Corp.(part of CSC group), Superrite Electronic Co., Ltd (a company with over 40 years experience on magnet production) and Dyna Rechi Co., Ltd (a company with BLDC expertise). MagnPower Corporation produce high-end hard ferrite materials for high-standard magnets in motor industrial. 

Vision and Philosophy

        Take stable development and value innovation, and being the world’s extraordinary hard ferrite material industry as MagnPower’s vision. 
Make Integrity, Dependability, Innovation, and Sharing as our philosophy. 
We hope to create values and take corporate social responsibility.

Business Sector

    Hard Ferrite Materials are mainly used in servomotors, stepper motors and precise DC motors for home-appliance motors, automobile motors, electronic components, BLDC motors, and etc.